Yahoo Email Support

Yahoo Support provides all information related to Yahoo. The features and disadvantages of Yahoo are discussed by us for the benefit of the users. All the issues faced by the user are resolved by our expert team.

Yahoo is the best email service, provider. All the services provided by the Yahoo support are designed for the benefit of users. The users who are new to the Yahoo mail will get all the information that will help them while using Yahoo mail.

Yahoo is known for the web portal, email services, search engine provider and related services. The various services provided by Yahoo include Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers, etc.

Yahoo Mail is web-based email service provider. It provides services for every zone of the user, i.e., for business, for home use, etc. It has free services plan, business services plan, plus service plan, ad-free service plan.

The features of Yahoo Mail are:-
1.It provides spam and virus protection.
2.It has a feature of email attachment up to 25 MB. It will provide a feature of sending more data by attaching data by the user.
3.It has a huge capacity of email storage. It provides 1TB storage of email.
4.Our account will not get deactivate until the 12 months of the inactivity by the user. Once the user’s account will get deactivated, it cannot be retrieved. For avoiding this kind of problem, you need to login to our account with the valid login credentials, i.e., email address and password once in 12 months.
5.Advertising is always visible while working with the email account.
In plus service plan, the expiration of the account doesn’t happen. It is the additional feature of this service plan.
6.Business version has many advantages than the free version. It includes 10 emails accounts.

The disadvantages of Yahoo Mail are:-
For easy access, the entire user needs a Yahoo account. Not everyone uses yahoo mail, so it will and issue while using this email service. At some sites, yahoo account is not acceptable. They only need Google or any other email account, and then this will be the big problem for the user.
SMS Limit- Through the SMS feature, we can communicate to all our friends. But there is demerit of this feature also. If a user sends three continuous messages to the same user, it will generate an error message. This will create trouble for all the users. Through this article, hopefully, we will get all the required information about the Yahoo. We at Yahoo Customer Support provides best services to all the users.